Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing sex toy.
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Sale Questions

We know that buying sex toys is a personal thing - and we do everything in our power to ensure that it stays as discreet as possible. (If you wanna tell your friends what you bought, that's on you, but we're not going to do it for you!)

We pack your order in nondescript envelopes and boxes - usually plain brown boxes or sturdy white, opaque shipping envelopes. We do not put our name anywhere on the package.

Very-large items (like sex machines,BDSM sex furniture,Liberator sex furniture) that ship directly from manufacturers may be packaged in different packaging - which may not be as discreet as MentorSex's. We make note of those cases on our Specifications page for any products where it applies. If you're particularly concerned, please let us know via email, and we'll do our very-best to dig up images to show you exactly how the box will look.

Due to sheer shipment size and some manufacturer limitations, some products may not be available for international shipment outside of the United States. Those limitations are always listed on the Specifications of a product page.

Like any industry, the sex toy industry has its own jargon. Not only does this make it easier to differentiate between different products, but it also makes it easier to describe what you're looking for - and what is or isn't included with any toy.

When you hang around the sex toy world long enough, you'll start to memorize and know these terms as second-nature. Until then, this lil directory should help out:

Body-Safe: There is no certification organization that determines what "body-safe" is - so we always recommend caution when seeing it on packaging. The manufacturer gets to decide what "body-safe" means for them - and like everything sex toy, that can vary widely depending on the manufacturer. When we use it on MentorSex Shop, we use it to mean that the toy is phthalate-free and made from sterilizable materials that are unlikely to cause any unwanted reactions, rashes, or negative effects on your body from use (unless you happen to be allergic to the material!).

Flared Base: A "flared base" means that the toy has a long and flat "base" that anchors it outside of the body. "Flared base" tends to be used most often when talking about flared base dildos. This base makes it safe for anal play as it won't be able to be "sucked up" into the butt. Flared bases also tend to be equipped with lots of other fun features like suction cups.

Fluid-Bonded: If you're "fluid-bonded" with someone, it means that the idea of coming in contact with any of their bodily fluids (semen, blood, ejaculate, saliva) isn't a concern. In most cases, it means that you and that person have stopped using safer sex barriers (but still may rely on non-barrier methods of pregnancy prevention). As some sex toys may not be compatible with safer sex barriers, you and your partner would want to be fluid-bonded if choosing to use those sex toys. (Don't worry; we always make it clear in the product description when that's the case with a sex toy!)

Splashproof: "Splashproof" does NOT mean waterproof. Splashproof means that the sex toy can tolerate a few light splashes of water - but any submerging or constant water contact will likely break it. As "splashproof" is a continuum and the exact "tolerance" of splashproof will depend on the manufacturer who made it, we recommend treating most splashproof toys like they aren't water-safe to prolong their lifespans.

Spot Test: Anytime you see a recommendation to do a "spot test", it essentially means that you need to test your sex toy and your lube's compatibility. This term is most-commonly used with silicone-based lubes and silicone sex toys, but it can apply to anything. Essentially, some non-water-based lubes might interact (in a bad way!) with the surface of your sex toy - and can destroy the material of the sex toy through chemical interactions.

Waterproof: Waterproof means that the sex toy is safe for submerging underwater. This makes it super easy to clean - and it also means that it can go in places your non-waterproof toys can't - but not everywhere! In virtually all cases, your sex toy is not rated for deep-sea diving! Did you know that "waterproof" capabilities are actually a manufacturing industry scale? Most waterproof sex toys rate on the shallower end of that scale - since the majority of users only want to take them into a hot tub, bath tub, shower, or private pool. Even though your sex toy is waterproof, keep it away from super-deep depths and high-pressure water jets (like hot tub jets!).

If you use a credit card, your order will be billed in United States Dollars. (USD$) We try to make it as convenient as possible to understand the price of items by offering the ability to view prices in your native currency, but our billing platform only allows us to make the final charge in a single currency if using a credit card.

We keep you up-to-date on every part of your order via email.

You'll receive these emails during the order process:

  • Order Confirmation right after you order
  • Order Shipment Confirmation when your order ships with tracking information
  • Order Out-for-Delivery when your order is scheduled to be delivered that day
  • Order Succesful Delivery to let you know the package has been dropped off and is there for you

We hope these emails are helpful for figuring out where your order is - and when it's going to be there. If you have further questions beyond that, you can always reach out via Live Chat or our email. We just need your order number (or the email address you ordered with!) to provide you details about your package. In the interest of privacy, you may be asked to verify information about your order before any information is provided.

We've heard more-than-a-few stories of buying the most-amazing butt plug - only to find that it's so much larger/smaller in-person than you had imagined it by viewing product pictures! (Our staff members have the hilarious stories to match!)

For that reason, we list the measurements of EVERY product we sell on MentorSex Shop right in the Specifications. When possible, we include product photos of the product being held or videos that show it being handled to give you a good idea of the size.

We recommend pulling out a ruler to ensure that your new, potential toy is the right size for you. (In fact, if you can measure any of your previous toys, this can give you a great "starting point" for figuring out how your new, potential toy compares to what you've used before. If you don't have toys, measuring the fingers you're currently using can be a great starting point.)

If you're still having problems visualizing how large a toy is, you can always reach out to Live Chat support - or send us an email. We're especially great at helping you decide between similar toys. We're here to help!

The lovely thing about water-based lube is that it, quite literally, works on everything. You could slather the stuff on your doorframe to stop squeaky doors too. The water-based formulas pretty much make them very friendly to virtually anything you use them on.

So when in doubt, go with a water-based lube! It works with every single thing we sell.

Water-based lubes aren't without their downsides, though. The biggest one being that they tend to dry up more quickly than any other type of lube. This is why some people like to go with silicone-based lubes or oil-based lubes.

Both of those lubes last much longer - but they also can be incompatible with certain important things - like your sex toys or condoms. A lot of people love silicone-based lubes for skin-on-skin pleasure - and oil-based can be fantastic for anal play or penile masturbation.

Sound complicated? It can be at first, but you'll pick it up pretty quickly; we promise. Here's an entire article about lube types (just to help!).

But if you want the easy answer: just pick a water-based lube. We tell you the lube type of every lube we sell right in the product description.

If you've been around us long enough on mentorsex.com, you know that body-safety, body-positivity, and a pleasurable sex life is pretty much everything we stand for.

We wanted a sex toy shop that reflected that.

We created MentorSex Shop because we wanted to make sex toy shopping stress-free and FUN. When you're looking for something to bring into the bedroom (or anywhere else you bring your sex toys; we don't judge), you shouldn't have to worry about getting stuck with a dud - or buying something that technically "works" but barely so. You shouldn't have to worry about getting infections from your toy - or anything else that a quality sex toy won't do.

Everything in the MentorSex Shop is chosen specifically by our staff and sex educators - and the occasional requests from customers!

For example, we were receiving quite a few requests for penis pumps. If you've ever shopped for a pump, you know that the market is pretty saturated - and quite a few pumps are more frustrating than helpful. While it took us a few months to find a pump that worked exactly how it claimed, we were able to add the Bathmate Hydromax Pumps to the shop - confident that they're body-safe, work as they claim to do, and provide the pleasure and results that people are looking for.

And if we received lots of customer feedback that said that that pump didn't work as promised or posed any safety hazards, we'd pull that toy off the shelves in a heartbeat - just like we've done with a couple of toys over the years. We're always customer first - always.

We made the MentorSex Shop for one more very important reason: because we believe everyone deserves all the love and pleasure they want to have - whether that's solo-love, coupled-love, orgy-love, polyam-love, sex-toy-love, or anything else! We're in the business of making your pleasure time awesome - and we think that's pretty much the coolest job there is.

We got you, boo. You can use the coupon code "FAQEXPERT" for 5% off your entire order. Consider it a reward for reading through our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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