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by SexyMentor 09 Aug 2022 0 Comments

The main reason many of us use an anal douche is to get our butts clean and empty before we start putting other objects in them. Is this something we need to do every day?

Only before we have sex?

even less?

Will try to help if you are looking for an answer.


Since our main purpose a lot of the time is to avoid leaving any residual feces in our rectum when we have anal sex, you would think you should do a douche before deciding to have sex. Unfortunately, when you should flush is not an easy answer.

Some people flush every day. You can do this every time you shower, before going to bed, or even after using the toilet. Others flush less frequently, but still do it regularly, maybe once a week or two. On the lower end of the spectrum, some guys only flush before they expect anal sex.

No matter how often you rinse, if you're doing it as a pre-sexual ritual, you need to allow enough time. For most people, about two hours is enough. Doing it too soon can be pointless, as you may need to use the bathroom between douching and sex. Doing it too late can leave you with insufficient time to fully cleanse the fluid, which can lead to some less than ideal sex.

Unfortunately, there are no clear rules about how much you should rinse.


Without any clear guidelines on rinsing, it can be difficult to know if you're over-rinsing. Our rectum has a layer of mucus that helps protect the walls from damage. Rinsing too often will gradually wash it away and make it brittle. When this happens, you're more likely to bruise, tear, or even cut your rectum.

Another potential problem is caused by the cleaning properties of the rinse, which is usually exactly what we want to achieve.

While cleaning out any bad bacteria and leftover stool is a good thing, the unfortunate side effect is that we also get rid of many of the good bacteria and flora found in the rectum. When this happens, our body loses its natural balance and even our electrolytes suffer.

So, if flushing too often is bad for us, how often should we flush?

As a general guide, I recommend that most people flush a few times a month at most, but no more. Allowing a few days between flushes gives your body more time to recover and keep yourself well and healthy. You don't have to stick to a specific schedule, although many people prefer to do it at the same time every week.


At this point, you might be wondering what the point of flushing is. After all, you'll be using the toilet a lot during the week, so it certainly won't have much of an impact!

While this is true, we must remember that our bodies also have their own clean-up job. The main purpose of douching is simply to eliminate any chance of encountering feces during anal sex. Most of us don't have anal sex every day, so we don't need to douch as often. If you do find yourself having a lot of anal sex (and it's fine with you), then feel free to douche more often.

The frequency of anal douching is a complex issue. Most importantly, we just need to listen to our bodies. You'll know pretty quickly if something's not right, and if you start to feel something's not right, try taking it easy with your rinse.

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