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Should I play myself like this? 70% of boys do not know

by SexyMentor 16 Aug 2022 0 Comments

happiness at home.
fight with both hands.
It can be fun to play by yourself.

In the communication with MentorSex fans,
More than 70% of boys don't know how to "play" their penis,
I don't know how to bring myself real pleasure.
They would all say: "Mentor, it's nothing more than finding a movie, and you're done!"
MentorSex believes that there must be many boys who think so, you can express your opinion in the message area.

1.Throw away the porn video and feel yourself!

In the porn movie, the actresses use various skills on the male actors, and want to use them for yourself?

Can! But don't get your hopes up. After all, small movies are mainly about visual impact. As for whether it is cool or not, only the male actor himself knows.

What's more, everyone is different, you have to rely on yourself to do it yourself!

If every time you have to use a little pornographic film to stimulate yourself, over time your brain will be trained into a setting like "pornography is a necessary element", your penis will also follow your brain settings, thus affecting you experience and functionality.

Try to throw away the pornography, feel your body seriously, and stimulate yourself slowly!

First, you need attention, speed and position. Which action makes you hum with joy, and which position is your own switch?

Is it a glans? Foreskin straps? perineum? chrysanthemum? If you're not sure what's better (don't laugh! Many people don't know), start by rubbing it from beginning to end, like rubbing the chicken underneath.

Don't think it's unnecessary, be sure to apply lubricating oil and touch your body well. You are bound to make amazing discoveries!

2.It's not just the penis

If you only need a fast-food experience, you can really solve the problem, but it only completes a task. But if you want all-round real pleasure, other parts need loving touches too.

Knead the perineum, poke chrysanthemums, balls, pouches, pinch head, inner thighs, buttocks. Always find unexpected surprises!

If you've found a new continent and there's a place that makes you shudder, go ahead and stimulate it gently.

3.the wetter the better

Not only the piston movement will need adequate lubrication, but also do it yourself. Otherwise, it may break the skin!

The lubrication secreted by boys is obviously not enough, so you can choose lubricants to help.

If you don't use toys and really don't have sex with your partner, opt for an oil-based lubricant, as it's the least likely to dry out, and with a little water every now and then, it's a smooth mix. There is really none at home. In special times, olive oil or other edible oils can also be used instead. When bathing, mild shower gel can also be used. But note that these are only self-high, if you want to insert the yin channel, you should still use water-soluble or silicon-based lubricants!

4.Hand posture is important

In the process of playing with yourself, your hands can do much more than simply "hold" and flick.

Try reaching out with your hands, palms and fingers open to stroke your penis; place your index and little fingers in front of your middle and ring fingers to give your hands the shape of a cup; or place your hands vertically on the penis and stimulate in various ways .

Also, you can tick back the perineum, which will give you a different feeling.

The skin on your hand will continue to be pulled throughout the whole process, and you can explore new ways to play according to different feelings.

5.Squeeze is healthier

Some people like the feeling of their penis being held tightly, so they can jerk up and down lightly, but use a firmer hand to hold the penis.

You can try to loosen and tighten it like milking a cow, instead of squeezing for a long time, just master the rhythm yourself.

But if you want to squeeze, try not to squeeze the egg (no matter how much you like it), the egg is very fragile, for its health, please be kind!

6.try small toys

In addition to the commonly used aircraft cups, you can also try vibrating toys, whether it is the head, balls or perineum, any part you like.

In special times, if there are no serious toys, you can choose the handle of an electric toothbrush and children's toys with vibration. But be sure to choose soft, non-sharp materials, and don't stuff these things into your body!

7.not too often

If the penis gets too much friction and rough stimulation, it can go into a state of overstimulation that creates a numb feeling.

In addition, too many times a day can easily cause physical fatigue and affect health.

There is often a fan relationship, and the frequency of crape myrtle is good. In fact, there is no one standard that suits everyone. MentorSex encourages high-quality crape myrtle, that is to say, those who want to solve quickly when they have desires will actually make you tired. Might as well allow yourself to have fun with yourself in a situation where time and space are plentiful. As long as you feel that your body, life, and studies are not affected, it is in moderation.

So, even if you stay at home, don't hold your penis 24 hours a day!

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