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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men (At Least 30 Mins EASILY)

by SexyMentor 25 Aug 2022 0 Comments

After years of reading various sex books, trying different supplements and pills, and 100+ hours of research for this article alone, I believe this is the only guide you need to read on how to last longer in bed.

The best natural methods include edging, doing Kegels, and using the toys in this guide (intercourse doesn't have to be the main lesson).

Then we look at possible pills, delayed wipes, but these are short-term quick fixes, not long-term solutions.


I've been there and premature ejaculation is the nightmare of my own life, but as long as there is a will - there is a way!

Have you ever wondered how do pornstars last so long?

We'll look at it all:

  • Natural methods and exercise that last longer can help.
  • What if you wanted to simply take a pill for that special night and quickly hack your way to last longer without taking weeks of practice time? (there's an's not a long-term solution, but works really well for those who make or break their first sexual experience)
  • We've rounded up many stories and advice for men who endure (hope some words and specific advice speak to you)
  • ....and many more other ninja tricks for longer, more enjoyable sex.

Rapid Improvement: Are There Hacks Or Pills That Make Me Last Longer OVERNIGHT?

If you're now looking at how to last longer, chances are you don't have time to make major lifestyle changes.

You have a ticking deadline.

Either you just bombed that night with your dream girl...

...or you're about to have that special date and you really want to make the best impression!

Part 1: Intercourse does not need to be the main course

An astonishing idea.

Most people who think their problems last

Guys think they need an hour of crazy sex to be great lovers. But that's not always true.

Most women you'll meet can't actually even have 1 hour of sustained sex.

If you can last more than 10 minutes of actual intercourse, your woman will be happy.

If you stick with it for 20 minutes, she'll brag about you and get sore in the morning.

Having sex can easily last an hour or two, but it doesn't have to be real sex!

One of the greatest sex myths is that it takes a lot of power.

Never let your present be the most important.

You haven't been working very hard in the process, so don't put it in this position.

Including some kissing, massaging, and hitting her in the mix.

More connected and rude attention.

Part 2: Make Love Do Exercises to Increase Your Ex Credit

#1 — Stop bad twitching habits

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE) problems in men is poor masturbation habits.

ED comes from porn overuse (it does for me). If you want to fix this problem permanently, stop watching any porn. NoFap has a great guide and Reddit support forum to help with these steps.

When you stop porn within a few weeks, you will notice how attractive and sexy real life girls become. Your sex life will change because of this.

However, if your problem is PE, it probably comes from privacy concerns in the early years. So when you masturbate, you masturbate as fast as you can to avoid getting caught, so you're creating a bad habit.

If you can't last more than a few minutes on your own, how can you expect yourself to last longer?

The answer to this question is practice, and we'll get to that soon.

But the first step to change is awareness.

#2 — Get Fit and Repair Your Health

Can greatly improve your health capabilities (plus, help women's health).

Please open the blood vessels, and when the blood changes, the blood vessels will be injured and torn.

Any 30 minutes (at least 3 times a week) of exercise that keeps your exercise constant will at least make a significant difference.

You will observe your physical activity for longer. Your metabolism will then increase. This includes the circulation of the heart, the pulmonary circulation - and most importantly - your perfection.

Plus, it's all about exercise - if you smoke, drink, and eat junk food - and your willingness can be affected...

Start making better healthy choices for you that will improve your entire love life.

#3 - Strengthen Your PC Muscles - Kegel Exercises

OK, so you're training your overall body.

Did you know you can also train your penis control muscles?

Yes, you can learn to control your penis hardness level and even eventually be able to orgasm without ejaculation with the help of this exercise.

Maybe you've heard of PC muscle training, Kegel exercises, or stag exercises. It's true, and it's very helpful for your self-control in bed.

Here’s how you do the exercise:

  • First, you need to learn to isolate your PC muscle. It’s the muscle you use to stop peeing. That’s actually a great time to start your kegel exercise.
  • Every time you go to take a leak, stop yourself for 5 x 10 secs by squeezing your PC muscle as strong as you can. Then release.
  • A leak taking time is a nice trigger to be able to do the exercise regularly. In about 2 weeks you’ll start noticing a significant difference in your control.
  • Start by squeezing PC muscle for few seconds and then releasing. Over time you can increase the duration. The great thing is that you can also do the exercise anywhere — while driving, sitting at your desk, while having lunch… nobody will know.
  • You can also do a mix of 30 quick squeezes and releases, follow it by 10x5secs holding the flex and repeat this for 5 times. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 mins a day.

#4 — Practice controlling yourself with edging

Yes, we are still alone, but this is the last step.

You need to learn how to masturbate on your own for longer than porn or quick masturbation.

Sounds difficult if this isn't the most enjoyable exercise ever!

Here's a rule, though: you must not ejaculate (and no pornography) within 15 minutes.

Ideally, you don't ejaculate at all. The more semen you save, the more energy you get. There I shared my own 99-day nofap challenge experience.

You need to stop outsourcing stimulation to porn. Is there anything strange, after seeing hentai sexy, exciting scenes, you have a hard time working hard for your girl?

On the other hand, if your masturbation never lasts more than 3 minutes, can you not last long?

OK, now what are you doing in those 15 minutes?

You will practice edging.

Remember Kegel exercises? This is the place to play.

All you have to do is get yourself hard, close to ejaculation, squeeze your PC muscles as hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds.

As you squeeze, practice deep, relaxed breathing. It helps to visualize the transfer of sexual energy from your penis area to your entire body with each breath.

The key to this exercise is learning to control yourself and to understand your level of hardness.

It is helpful to constantly ask yourself at different stages of awakening: "On a scale of 1 to 10, where am I at?

This will push yourself to the limit and you will understand your "point of no return".

For example, during sex, you'll know when to slow down and how long to squeeze your PC muscles to calm down.

Part 3: Tips & Techniques To Do To Last Longer During Sex

#5 - Let her orgasm first

As you know at the beginning - sex doesn't need to be the main game!

A good rule is to always make sure she comes first.

This will just take away the stress and wake you both up at the same time.

You can't go wrong with this rule! From now on, think of intercourse as 30% of the sex process.

70% of it can be kissing, hugging, fingering, giving her cunnilingus or receiving oral sex!

Slow down and make fun of each other for longer. This will only increase the tension, increase the pleasure, and the orgasm will be more intense.

He details how to get girls to have multiple orgasms, "squirting" orgasms, and even stacking orgasms!

I'm still learning those things hehe!

#6 - Communicate with her to address your anxiety

One of the biggest wake-up killers is stress. think about it.

Do you feel stressed when you masturbate on your own?

Do not! You are super relaxed!

If you're worried about your performance, how can you expect yourself to stay hard and excited? All these thoughts in your head are poisonous.

But here's some news - girls have the same anxiety problems! They just worry about things like - oh, does he find me attractive...? Are my breasts too small? I hope there is no smell there...

The #1 solution to this problem is communication. Talk to your partner.

Discussing your concerns beforehand will help her open up and calm down. If something goes wrong during sex, you can also be honest about what happened.

Maybe you won't solve your challenges the first time, but your sex will improve over time!

7. The “Drinking Her In” Technique

A cool trick to reduce stress or stop yourself from premature ejaculation is to change focus.

Don't focus on your own hardness, pleasure or just her pussy or tits - drink her all in.

Notice how your touch affects her, look deeply into her eyes, and admire her curls.

Activate all your senses and pay attention to what gives her joy. Try to experience her happiness through you.

When you do this, the stress stops and your presence and enjoyment increase. Your sex will be similar to a mini tantra experience.

Your woman will love this and you can last longer!

8. Switch Positions & Mix Things Up

As you learn how your body works, you’ll also discover that there are some positions that make you cum sooner and some that make you less aroused.

Use this knowledge to your advantage..!

If you are finding yourself to get too close to ejaculation, switch positions!

Change the tempo, angle — make the sex feel totally different.

Also, there is no rule, that once you’ve penetrated her, that you have to stay inside. Actually, it can be a lot of fun to thrust her for a few times, then withdraw and use your fingers to keep going.

Teasing her this way will only increase the intensity of the pleasure. Plus, did you know that you can edge your girl too? Yep, that’s right!

If you want to achieve squirting or whole-body orgasms, you actually keep teasing her to 9 (1 to 10 intensity) and then stopping.

When you’ll eventually bring her to climax, she’ll have a mind-blowing orgasm!

Plus, by mixing it up and making it fun you’ll be able to last much longer 

9. Practice deep, relaxed breathing

If you observe yourself, you will notice that before you ejaculate, your breath actually gets shorter and shorter until you hold your breath at the moment of ejaculation.

Knowing this, you can calm yourself by taking long, deep breaths through your diaphragm.

As I mentioned before, if you practice this during masturbation, it will get easier and easier to control yourself in the process.

Mute the sensation of your penis, focus on the sound of your breath, and you'll be able to calm down.

10. Use thick condoms and lube

It's a simple one. Some condoms are thicker than others, such as Lifestyles Extra Strength even look at thicker cock condoms.

Use them to your advantage. If you can't last longer, choose a thicker condom. If you're having a hard time sticking to it, go with an ultra-lightweight product like Lifestyles Skyn.

11. Bring in The Backup (Sex Toys)

Finally, if you find yourself working too hard, why not make it easier?

Get some sex toys to help you out..!

For example, this multi-purpose 50 Shades of Grey inspired G-spot rabbit vibrator is a serious orgasm bringer.

It’s a rabbit G-spot vibrator that has 2 powerful motors. One for the rabbit ears (clitoris) and second for the shaft (G-spot stimulation).

In total there are many possible vibration combinations that you can test through to find the one she likes the best.

Also, sometimes you might want to not use vibrations at all. Or just use shaft vibrations or just clitoral vibrations — there are two separate buttons that allow controlling each motor separately.

When using it, make sure you don’t just pull the toy in and out. Let her instruct you on the spot and then simply keep pressing up and down or a little bit back and forth.

Using this toy you’ll have plenty of fun, she’s gonna be satisfied, and it will add a nice variety to your love sessions.

A lot of guys worry that bringing such toys will make them less of a man.

But this is so false, no toy can replace a man and sensations you can bring with your magic touch, masculine energy, and passionate kisses (ask any woman!).

So destroy your limiting beliefs and start having more fun!

Put It Together
Remember, practice makes perfect!

If you learn to control your body and turn your attention to "get her drinking" - you'll never have problems that last longer!

However, I've only scratched the surface of what it takes to be an incredible lover in bed.

You can also use cock locks to train your discipline.

Don't you want your woman to say you're the best lover she's ever been with?

That's why it's important for you to learn how to give any woman great sexual pleasure every time you have sex...

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