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by SexyMentor 10 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Anal sex is special because anyone can enjoy it, regardless of gender. But while it can be fun, accessible, and a bold way to spice up your sex life, it can also be uncomfortable and difficult. After all, most people don't usually stick anything on their anus, and even those who do have to admit that there are things that can be done to make it easier. Unlike vaginas, our anus doesn't lubricate itself when we're aroused. So if you want anal sex to be as comfortable as vaginal sex, be sure to keep lube in mind.

Lubricants (or "lubricants") are emulsions and liquids designed to be safely inserted into holes. Without lubrication, anal sex can become dry, rough, and even dangerous, as dry skin can get stuck and tear under the right circumstances.

However, lube isn't the only way to make anal sex easier and more comfortable for beginners. An easy way to make anal sex more accessible is to consider the position that you and your partner will be in during the intercourse.

Position #1 Lying puppy

"Lying puppy" is probably the most famous anal sex position. You've probably heard it in pop culture, jokes, movies, or music, and for good reason. This is the most famous anal sex position because it is the easiest. "Lying puppy" is similar, except that both partners are lying on the bed, face down. To do this, the receiving partner must lie on the bed with their backs up, as the thrusting partner lies directly on top of them and enters them from behind. Because the inserted partner will lie on top of the receiving partner, it is important to ensure that the receiving partner is lying comfortably and has a pillow nearby for added support.

This position is one of the easiest anal sex positions because it allows the receiving partner to relax, lie down, and let their partner do all the heavy lifting. However, some receiving partners may like to bounce up and down to further stimulate themselves and their partners, so this position also allows for interaction. This pose is also great for those who are reluctant to maintain eye contact or face their partner, as they can be intimate without having to be emotionally intimate. By not being face-to-face, this position allows both partners to focus on their own and their partner's bodies, and some people like to focus on the physical side of things.

As you can see from the image above, the two partners have their backs to each other. If you and your partner enjoy making eye contact, seeing each other's faces, or kissing during sex, this position won't meet those needs.

Pro tip:
To maximize the fun for both parties, place a pillow under each other's waist. This pillow will elevate their pelvis, giving the pusher a clearer angle of entry and allowing them to penetrate deeper. From this position, the inserted partner can pull on the receiving partner's hair, grab their throat, or caress or stimulate them in any way they like. Crucially, the pushing partner ensures that the receiving partner is relaxed, relaxed and excited. A good way to make sure the receiving partner is ready to enter is to use toys like anal beads or butt plugs to see how tight they are. You can also lick, finger, and lubricate your partner's anus to loosen them and prepare them for entry.

Position 2 # Tilted Doggy

As we mentioned above, "Doggy Style" is a sexual pose that needs no introduction. It has become so popular that it has been modified, tweaked and reinvented to suit the pleasures and preferences of those who enjoy it. Tilted Doggy is another variation on the classic Doggy Style. To achieve this, the receiving partner must lie on all fours on the bed or floor and support their own body weight. The inserted partner must kneel on the same floor or bed and enter from behind. This position allows both parties to control penetration. By landing on all fours, the catcher can adjust his position for a stronger base of penetration, while the striker can also use the knees as a strong base to push the hips and control the upper body.

The sloping doggy style is the perfect spot for fans of deep penetration and those who like to be in charge. Because this position is easy to penetrate, it makes penetration easier, which makes penetration less likely to be uncomfortable for beginners. If you've ever had an unpleasant anal sex experience, tilting your puppy is the perfect place to try anal sex again.

This pose is a rendition of a very well-known sex position, so it can be a bit "vanilla" for those who want to spice things up or try something they've never tried before.

Pro tip:
This position allows the insertion subject to use both hands freely, making it ideal for the insertion subject to stimulate the recipient's nipples or clitoris. This extra stimulus increases the pleasure you get from penetration. If the arm inserted into their partner is not long enough, they can use a clitoral vibrator or other sex toy to stimulate their partner.

Here's a tip for the receiving partner, you don't have to just get on all fours and take it, you can stimulate your partner by rocking your butt or rolling your hips back and forth.

Position 3 # Back It Up

Looking for beginner-friendly anal sex positions? Back it up and have you covered! It is intended for shallow anal penetrations. Most of the nerves that bring pleasure to the brain are located around the sphincter. This makes shallow anal penetration ideal as it provides a ton of fun without the need for deep penetration or penetration too hard.

The receiving partner lies on the edge of the bed (or other comfortable surface) with their back to the penetrating partner. The inserted partner will enter the anus while standing with his knees against the bed.

This pose may sound odd and the pose looks difficult to accomplish, but it's actually a pretty easy pose for beginners. This is due to the shallow penetration, which reduces pain and discomfort for beginners, meaning that the penetration itself is fast and can end quickly. Remember, the deeper the penetration, the slower you have to make it comfortable.

The post is also designed to maximize penetration fun for both parties. As the receiving partner's thighs are pressed together, the penetrating partner will be surrounded by a comfortable and stimulating tightness. The receivers can also move their backs in time with the opponent's push to increase the fun for both parties.

An obvious disadvantage is that penetration may not be deep enough for some partners. Partners with below-average penis size may not be able to hit their partner's P-spot with shallow penetration. As a result, reaching point P can be difficult for many partners in this position.

Pro tip:
Placing a pillow under the receiving partner's waist can help adjust the angle and allow the thrusting partner to target different areas of the partner's anus. This pose allows the partner's hands to freely touch, caress, hug or tease their partner for further stimulation.

Position 4 # Full Throttle

At first glance, you might think this is the missionary position, the most common of all sex positions. But you are wrong. Full Throttle is a variation of Missionary Position that really puts the pedal to the metal.

It starts in the missionary position, but then the receiving partner lifts their legs and folds them into their bodies. The receiving partner's feet will be on either side of the penetrating partner's head. From this position, the receiving partner's anus will be lower than their vagina, and their body will bend 120 degrees from the plane. This angle will allow the penetrating partner to enter them easily.

It's a relatively easy position to accomplish, but one that's bold enough to drive many couples crazy. After all, the position got its name because the catching partner lifts his legs like a motorcycle barbell, allowing the penetrating partner to go full speed ahead.

Since the bodies of the receivers are almost completely folded, the penetrating partner has deep, complete, direct access to them. This is a must-try position for deep penetration enthusiasts.

This position also allows both parties to face each other, which allows them to make eye contact and kiss, which promotes more emotional intimacy.

Remember that there is a lot of weight and stress on the receiving partner's waist. This pose is not recommended if the receiving partner has severe back or chronic pain in the lower back. Staying in this position for too long can also tire the receiving partner, or possibly make their legs numb from being in the air, so be sure to take a break or change positions if you experience any discomfort.

Beginners may find it difficult to relax the body and anus while maintaining the receiving position, so the inserting partner should be patient and insert slowly until their partner is ready.

No one can resist the joys of double penetration. If you have a vagina, make use of it! Insert an egg vibrator, rabbit vibrator, clit vibrator or a regular dildo into your vagina while being anally penetrated.

Position 5 # The Caboose

This position looks like two lovers sitting together. If they were wearing clothes, this would be where you would see a couple sitting on the par. But in the bedroom, without clothes, this becomes a romantic anal position!

For this position, both parties will be sitting on the bed or floor. Once they harden, the penetrating partner will sit first. Then, after they are lubricated, the receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner. As they slowly sit down, both parties must guide insertion of their partner's penis or tie into the receiving partner's anus.

This position closes the distance between a couple, making sure there is no gap between body bodies and wrapping both of them in deep intimacy. Both partners will be together, skin to skin, in a sweet, sticky situation that’s bound to bring them together in more ways than one. You’ll feel each other’s breathing, temperature, sweat, and even each other’s heart beats.
Fans of deep penetration might find this position lacking. The receiving partner is sitting on top of the penetrating partner, and their butt will naturally create a cushion that will not allow the penetrating partner’s penis to enter all the way.
If you like making eye contact, seeing your partner’s facial expressions, or kissing while having sex, you might not like that this position won’t give you those intimate moments.


While kissing and making eye contact is hard with this position, the thrusting partner can use their hands to explore their partner’s erogenous zones (like the nipples and clitoris). If you get tired of using your hands, you could use toys like clit vibrators and egg vibrators for double stimulation!

Additional Help: 

For the partner doing the penetration, wearing a cock ring will not only make you last longer and get harder, but it’ll also stimulate your partner’s perineum as well.

If you’re looking for another pro tip, remember to bring lube! It’s essential for anal sex!

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