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The spinning masturbator

26 Aug 2022 0 Comments
The concept and design of the rotating masturbator are incredible. How much better can it get than having a toy that does all the work for you? This is perfect for couples but especially men who want something to use at the end of the end of a long day. Beginners or advanced users will love this item. However, if you are very girth, you may run into problems with it stalling.
-Does all the work for you
-easy to use/simple controls
-USB rechargeable
-cleaning is annoying
-girthy men may have issues with it freezing
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The rotating masturbator is wonderful for a man to use solo for masturbation or to have for a partner to use on him. It is a handheld toy but is actually fairly large, but not heavy. You turn it on and hold the handle while pushing your (or your partner's) penis inside of it. The inside textured sleeve rotates around the penis. It is great for a guy who doesn't feel like doing it himself and just wants to lay back and relax while still getting off. It is best used with lube or it can be a little uncomfortable, according to my boyfriend.

  • Who / How / What
    • Couples
    • Masturbation
  • Where
    • Campus/roommate living

Material / Texture

The material is TPE inside, on the part your dick goes into, and the case the sleeve sits in is plastic with a matte silicone feel to it. The inside of the sleeve has a texture of small rubber fingers everywhere! The best way to describe it is like one of those interesting bath rugs. The texture that will be felt on the penis is from the sleeve spinning and moving up and down, moving those nodules with it, of course. The nodules are very flexible and soft, but TPE can tend to feel a little sticky, at least compared to silicone, so lube is a must when using a rigid toy to avoid uncomfortable pulling/friction on the skin. There was a slight smell when initially opening, but that goes away with a couple of cleanings. Hairs and fuzz tend to want to cling to the pussy on the outside of the sleeve, so it helps to cover it with a piece of plastic wrap before putting the lid on before putting it up for storage.
    • Flexible
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design is incredible. I mean, Who would have ever thought there would be a masturbator that does all the work for you? With the spinning and up and down motion it does, it mimics a motion of masturbating or getting a hand job, but with a lot of added texture and less work for yourself. The only problem is the width of the inside. If your penis is very girthy and touches the sides when inserted, it stops the motor, and you’ll have to readjust. However, this can be avoided if you find the correct position to be in and make sure you aren’t thrusting with it. With the case and handle, the item is fairly large and not very discreet or great for travel.
    • Beginner
    • Futuristic
    • May be too tight for some

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions are easy to control, and it gets right to work with just a push of the power button. There are four wonderful rotating speeds, so it gives you the variety of either reaching your orgasm slow and steady or getting straight to it! The best thing about this item is it literally does all of the work for you. My boyfriend will lay it on his desk, hold it, and just stand there while it gets him off all on its own. It’s a little more difficult to use on a partner because if someone is holding it, it won’t be completely steady, and your penis can touch the side, causing the motor to stop. It’s not very noisy; however, I wouldn’t recommend using it if you’re in a dorm and have a roommate asleep across the room, but if you’re behind closed doors, it will not be heard. It’s USB rechargeable, and the battery has a long lifespan between charges. It is not waterproof.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

It is easy to care for, although a little time-consuming. To clean it, use warm water and toy cleaner and soap your hands up and scrub the inside. To rinse, do the same thing with just water on your hands and repeat until it doesn’t feel soapy anymore. I wouldn’t let the water run directly into it just Incase the sleeve was to leak, and water gets through. (It is not waterproof). To let it dry, I like to hand the handle over a shower or towel rod with the pussy part on the outside off and let the inside drip dry. To store, put the lid that comes with it over it to prevent lint and dirt from sticking to it.


Although it comes with a box to store in, it is fairly large and takes up a lot of space.
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