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So fun for discreet play

by SexyMentor 19 Sep 2022 0 Comments
This item is 100% worth the purchase. It is an exciting toy to add excitement to your sex life. And to add discreet play.
You can click this picture to buy, I make the link to product.
Different patterns, Fits nicely, Sits and hits just right.
Only con is that it can only be worn in your panties.
Rating by reviewer:


When I first opened this toy it was in discreet packaging, came with the toy, charger and remote. My husband was eager to try it out. We charged it to a full charge and thought hey! It's a panty toy, let's put in on and go for a walk.
He was a giddy school girl with the remote. We went through all the different settings. I think there are 8. We found one I really liked. My body reacted very well to it, and my husband watched me squirm. I did have a nice orgasm while out walking. It hooks on the panties which is fantastic but I do wish it could use it in more ways.
Cleaning this toy was easy, and it is waterproof. This toy is a nice feeling. It feels silky-smooth. It is flat with a little curve on it with a little smooth bump for your clit. At the bottom of this toy there is a strap to secure it in your panties. When you first start it up, it can be noisy, but once under clothes, it is pretty quiet.
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