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A Must Toy for ALL Lesbians!

29 Aug 2022 0 Comments
This toy is an all-in-one party! It has many uses as you can use it alone, it can be used on the C spot, G spot, you can use it with the vibration off or on. The pink color is fun, feminine and the overall look of the toy is classy and well made.
Practice makes perfect!
Would be amazing to have both sides vibrate simultaneously and a 4th stronger setting.
Rating by reviewer:

First impression

Upon opening the box, this toy looked exactly as pictured online, and it looked well made, sturdy, and classy. I definitely couldn’t wait to charge it so I could take it for a spin!

First Use

The first use was a solo session to try out the vibration intensity and get a feel for how it works; this was my first vibrating toy like this. WOW, this didn’t disappoint! It’s a little heavy and ungainly for frequent solo play but fun to use once in a while.

Further Experience

This toy is quiet, and the vibration is strong. One side vibrates at a time, so you need to play nice and take turns using the full vibration setting. The size is perfect, not too big or small, and it hit’s all the right spots. Each side is different; one side is smooth while the other side is slightly larger and has small ridges, making it fun to alternate sides as they feel different and hit different spots.

Vibration Map

One side vibrates at a time, so you need to take turns when using the full vibration setting. Basically, you end up “sharing” the vibration when it’s not your turn. It makes it like two toys in one as you can use this with the vibration or without, and you can use it on the C spot or G spot.
  1. Very mild, low level vibration
  2. Moderate vibration
  3. Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This toy delivers in many ways resulting in many orgasms! This toy is dynamic, so I would suggest taking it on a test run solo before using it with a partner to minimize the 'trial and error' portion of the play. But either way, practice makes perfect!
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