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Vroom — Intensity Level

by SexyMentor 24 Aug 2022

Power/intensity of the toy. This is typically used for toys that vibrate, have a power source or have moving parts.

Intensity Level: 1/5
Very mild, extremely low level vibration, great for newbies, foreplay and extra sensitive areas.
Intensity Level: 2/5
A lower-level intensity that provides light stimulation but can be still felt in most internal and external spots.
Intensity Level: 3/5
Moderate vibration, good for overall body usage, average in intensity and probably suitable for most individuals.
Intensity Level: 4/5
Strong and easily felt vibrations that powerfully stimulate but are not "earth-shaking".
Intensity Level: 5/5
This car's outta control! Extremely strong, highly intense powerful vibration, probably too intense for most.
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